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DayView2 has the following Propeties, Methods and Events.


Properties are split into several categories: 


bool AmPmDisplay - Determines wether AM/PM or 24 hour clock is displayed.

enum AppHeightDrawMode AppHeightMode - Determines how the appointment is drawn.

bool HighlightCurrentTime - Shows current time within Hour Label.

bool MinHalfHourApp - Determines if the minimum height for an appointment is half an hour.

bool ShowMinutes - Determines wether minutes are displayed in the Hour Label.

int SlotsPerHour - Determines how many slots are within an hour, default 4 (15 minutes).

int StartHour - Indicates what time is at the top of the diary, default 9am.



bool AllowInPlaceEditing - Indicates wether you can edit an appointment within the DayView control.

bool AllowNew - Indicates wether you can create a new appointment when you start typing.

bool AlwaysShowAppointmentText - For long appointments the text willalways try and remain visible if you scroll down.

bool DrawAllAppointmentBorders - Determines wether borders are shown for all appointments.

bool RightMouseSelect - Indicates wether the right mouse button selects an appointment or not.



bool AllowScroll - Determines wether scrolling is enabled within the Diary.

ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuAllDay - Context Menu to be shown when user right clicks within the AllDay appointment section.

ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuDiary - Context Menu to be shown when user right clicks the main diary section.

ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuHeader - Context Menu to be shown when the user right clicks on the headers section.

int ScrollRows - Number of rows to scroll with one movement of the mouse wheel or scroll bar, this value can not be greater than SlotsPerHour.



int HalfHourHeight - Determines the half hour height.

enum DayViewType ViewType - Determines wether Single View (multiple days 1 person) or Team View (single day multiple people) are shown.



int TooltipDelay - Milliseconds delay before tooltip event is fired.


Working Hours

Working Hours are default setting if not using MultiGetEventHandler and MultiCountEventHandler events.

int WorkingHourEnd - Last working hour of the day.

int WorkingHourStart - First working hour of the day.

int WoringMinuteEnd - Last working minute of the day.

int WorkingMinuteStart - First working minute of the day.




public event AppointmentSelectedEventHandler AppointmentSelected;

Event raised when appointment selected/deselected.

public event EventHandler SelectionChanged;

Event raised when the selection has changed.


public event ResolveAppointmentsEventHandler ResolveAppointments;

Event raised when layout has changed and appointments for current view need to be retrieved.

event NewAppointmentEventHandler NewAppointment;

Event raised when a new appointment is created.

public event EventHandler<AppointmentEventArgs> AppointmentMove;

Event raised whilst an appointment is being moved.

event BeforeMoveAppointmentEventHandler BeforeAppointmentMove;

Event reaised prior to appointment being moved.

public event EventHandler<AppointmentEventArgs> AppointmentMoved;

Event reaised after an appointment has been moved.

public event MultiCountEventHandler MultiCount;

Event raised to determine the column count when ViewType is TeamView.

public event MultiGetEventHandler MultiHeader;

Event raised to retrieve the Header Text when ViewType is TeamView.

public event ContextMenuEventHandler BeforeContextMenuShow;

Event raised prior to showing a context menu.

public event TooltipEventHandler ToolTipShow;

Event raised when a tooltip should be shown.

public event WorkingHoursEventHandler WorkingHours;

Event raised to retrieve working hours.

public event AfterDrawAppointmentEventHandler AfterDrawAppointment;

Event raised after an appointment has been drawn, allows owner drawing to occur.

public event AfterDrawHeaderEventHandler AfterDrawHeader;

Event raised after an appointment header has been drawn, allows owner drawing to occur.

public event HeaderClickEventHandler HeaderClicked;

Event raised when user double clicks the column header.

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